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Updated Electronic Devices

Following on from the UK Government announcement around additional precautionary security measures we have been notified that the Foreign Office has added additional items to the new security requirements.

As well as laptops, tablets and e-readers, spare batteries and portable power sources will now not be allowed in hand luggage and must be placed in the hold. This includes duty-free purchases of these devices in the airport.

The dimensions are (maximum size - Length: 16.0cm, Width: 9.3cm, Depth: 1.5cm). All larger phones, laptops, e-readers or tablets, as well as their cables and chargers, will need to be switched off, placed into hold luggage and checked-in before going through security. Normal cabin luggage restrictions will continue to apply.

There will be no restrictions on regular-sized mobile phones, including the iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The countries affected include Turkey and Egypt, all customers flying to the UK from these destinations will be impacted by the new measures. Please make the necessary arrangements to pack laptops, tablets, e-readers, batteries and portable power sources securely into hold luggage to be checked-in before going through security.

The Foreign Office has not changed its overall level of advice for travel to Turkey or Egypt.

For further information please contact Destination on 01535 652903.

Shevaun Joy

Apr 03 2017
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