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Maltese Magic

I recently visited Malta for 5 nights.

Before I went to Malta I had no idea what to expect as it wasn’t somewhere I would normally go, however now it is a place I would definitely return too.

I stayed at the Hilton Hotel in St Julian’s Bay, the hotel was absolutely brilliant, personally I couldn’t fault it. It had a lot of space, a variety of food in the restaurant which was lovely, it had many pools and brilliant spa facilities which I enjoyed using every day. The customer service I received at the Hilton was excellent which I found was the same everywhere I went in Malta, the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming. In Malta the people speak Maltese and English so you would always get a conversation wherever you went which felt really nice.

There are many things to do in Malta, I would recommend visiting the Capital City of Malta, Valetta. There are a lot of shops and cafes/restaurants, it was a lively area and there will normally be something going on.

When I was there it was a big carnival and nearly everyone I saw was dressed up, it was really fun and exciting! I would also recommend going to watch the Malta 5D show which is also in Valetta, the show gives you a good insight to Malta’s history in a fun way.

If you are looking for nightlife then Malta also has this! The nightlife is in a place called Paceville which is in St Julian’s, it has a load of great bars and clubs and has a great atmosphere I would definitely recommend.

There are a lot of churches in Malta which are very interesting to visit, the main one to visit would be the Miracle Church, it is called’ The Miracle of Mosta Dome’ the church is what it says, it is known to have made many miracles on people and inside the church there is a room full of pictures and stories on these miracles. It is a wonderful place to experience visiting this church.

Malta has so much to offer for each individual.

I think the most amazing thing about Malta was the views it had, everywhere I visited there would be some sort of amazing view, whether it was looking out onto the sea or looking out onto the scenic gardens or just the island of Malta itself, it is a beautiful country that I think everyone should go and experience!

Shevaun Joy

Mar 17 2016 Share Tweet