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Must-try experiences - active holidays in Asia

  Who said that all-inclusive resorts only offer a standardised beach experience? Many beach getaways are seen as holiday destinations where guests simply sit back on a sun lounger and enjoy the pool. As lovely as that sounds, did you know that there are some incredible all-inclusive resorts in Asia that have so much more to offer? When it comes to active adventures, where top-notch service...

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The Advantage Travel Partnership

Nov 15 2018 Share Tweet

Kuala Lumpur and Dubai

Day 1 Flew on the A380 from Manchester to Dubai. Loved flying with Emirates, the service and staff were both brilliant. Dubai airport is huge, very good for a stopover as there is lots to do, shopping, bars, grab a bite to eat. Day 2 Finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur, cannot believe the amount of greenery surrounding the city. Although there is a lot of building work, gives me the impression Ku...

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Shevaun Joy

Mar 16 2016 Share Tweet
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