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Kuala Lumpur and Dubai

Day 1

Flew on the A380 from Manchester to Dubai. Loved flying with Emirates, the service and staff were both brilliant.

Dubai airport is huge, very good for a stopover as there is lots to do, shopping, bars, grab a bite to eat.

Day 2

Finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur, cannot believe the amount of greenery surrounding the city. Although there is a lot of building work, gives me the impression Kuala Lumpur is still very up and coming.

Checked into the amazing Shangri-La Hotel. Was wowed from the word go, the check-in process was so smooth they presented us with a little bunch of flowers on arrival and put on nibbles and drinks whilst they sorted out our rooms. I felt so welcomed; the staff could not do enough.

In the evening we did a sight inspection at the Traders hotel, loved the atmosphere in the hotel, more of a younger vibe. Words cannot describe how fantastic the views of the Petronas Towers are from the Sky bar at the traders, simply amazing! Again the staff were so amazing in making us feel so welcome, top service!

Despite the jetlag we all headed out to the Hardrock Bar in the evening. I didn’t expect the drinks in Kuala Lumpur to be as pricey as they were but the surroundings and atmosphere in the Hardrock were well worth it, there was a fab live band performing!

Day 3

First experience of the Shangri-La breakfast, so much choice, no queue waiting to be seats and a chocolate fountain!

City tour – Saw the war memorial, fab scenery and a nice place to walk around.

Kings Palace – Great photo opportunity in front of the palace gates. Would advise ladies to wear suitable clothing to cover knees and shoulders to avoid any strange looks off the locals.

Handicraft Centre – Great place is your looking for handmade gifts, souvenirs etc. Thought all the stall owners would hassle us to come into their shops but it wasn’t as bad as expected. You can get your henna done here and shop for jewellery, bags etc.

Parkroyal for lunch and site inspection. I didn’t like the hotel as much as the traders or Shangri-La but it was in a fab location and had a nice pool area.

In the evening we headed for a drink under the Petronas towers, still couldn’t get over how fabulous they look lit up at night.

We then went onto experience Kuala Lumpur’s main ‘strip’ of nightlife. Quite shocked at how busy everywhere was, good vibe and all the staff were brilliant! We even managed to haggle on price seen as there was a group of us! I would just warn customers about the ‘Ladies of the night’ and potential pickpockets!

Day 4

Experienced the Batu Caves – lots and lots of steps. We were a little disappointed to have only seen one monkey but it was nice to be involved in a cultural experience. There was a lot of souvenir stalls selling all kinds of bits and bits, a little off putting and it lowered the level of authenticity.

We spent the afternoon relaxing around the Shangri-La pool, to say it’s a 5* hotel the food and drink was very reasonably priced. The pool area was very clean and again the service from the staff exceptional. We got complimentary iced water, apples and mini cornettos!

In the evening we made our way to a restaurant for an evening of Malaysian dancing and food. The dancers made a lot of effort to include the customers and including them in the last bits of the show. It was a different experience compared to having dinner in the hotel and everybody had a laugh. The food was traditional Malaysian food, good to experience if you like trying different things, not so good for fussy eaters!

Day 5

Today was spent enjoying the sunshine around the Shangri-La pool. Plenty of facilities in the hotel made it really easy for us to check out and then spend the day around the pool. Our cases were stored with concierge we just collected them when we needed too and the spa had toiletries and showers so we were able to get ready for our flight. I was well and truly gutted to be leaving the hotel after such a lovely stay, will definitely be recommending this hotel to my clients!

Another quiet flight to Dubai on the A380 meant we had a very comfortable & pleasant journey!

Arrived at the Atlantis and had a pleasant check-in, was very surprised at how big the rooms are! Loved the style of the rooms and the size of the bathrooms! Was a little bit disappointed with the French balcony, would recommend my clients to upgrade to a room with a full balcony to enjoy the magnificent views of each side of the hotel. The hotel doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi either but it can be pre-purchased. The only faults I could find at the Atlantis was that for each room card details have to be given to reception before you can access the minibar or put any drinks on your bill. I’ve never had to experience this before but I know to tell customers this for future reference.

Day 6

Woke up and had a lovely breakfast sat outside in the Dubai sunshine. We had a free morning so enjoyed some sunbathing around the pool. Was pleasantly surprised to see there were no towels on sunbeds already! The grounds of the Atlantis are so vast that one area never seems to be jam packed, there are lots of sunbeds too! Towels are provided by the pool so it was so easy to go straight from breakfast onto a lounger. The views from around the pool area are fab, we pointed out the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. There is waiter service around and pool, it really did feel like we were in paradise for a few hours!

The evening was a hosted dinner in Saffron at the Atlantis hotel with pre dinner drinks at Nasimi Beach. The setting in the Nasimi Beach bar was just purely amazing, sat on the beach and the whole atmosphere was bliss. The ice buckets on the tables lit up, there was nice music playing and the staff were very attentive. Dinner was buffet style in the Saffron restaurant; I have never seen such a huge selection of food, including a chocolate fountain! The choice was amazing and of a high standard. Back to Nasimi beach after dinner, perfect end to a perfect night!

Day 7

Enjoyed another nice breakfast sat out in the sunshine J

The afternoon consisted of us exploring Aqua venture or relaxing in our private cabana. The new slides at Aquaventura (The Tower of Poseidon) were fantastic, had to have a go on them even though it was very scary! Could of quite easily spent a full week exploring all of the facilities of the Atlantis, such a fabulous hotel especially for families. Was very surprised to see how quiet the waterpark was, no big queues at all.

On-route back to our hotel a few of us decided to have a look around the lost chambers and a few of the shops in the hotel. The lost chamber is very appealing for families, lots to see and do for adults and children. Was surprised to see quite a few shops in the Atlantis, the hotel is huge so I found myself constantly discovering new facilities.

The evening dinner was absolutely beautiful! The Atlantis had set up tables, a bar and cooking stations in some of the grounds near to Nasimi Beach. The setting was stunning; it looked like it was set out for an elegant wedding party. The chefs were cooking a top notch bbq food for us; I think this was my favourite meal simply because of the surroundings we were sat in. We enjoyed a special treat of being shown the Royal Bridge suite at the top of the Atlantis. Generally had no idea just how magnificent it was going to be, probably only one of the times I have been left rather speechless. The entire floor Is so elegant and luxurious, with three bedrooms, dining room, living room, massage room, the only thing its missing is its very own plunge pool! The night ended with drinks at Nasimi beach, felt sad going to bed that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy another evening there!

Day 8

Very early morning flight home to the UK.

The whole trip was such a fantastic experience, I could definitely recommend both Destinations and both hotels I stayed in.